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Jinzhou Donghui PharmaChem Co., Ltd.
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Contact: Mr. Zhang
Address: Zhongyuan Building,
368 Youyi North Street, Shijiazhuang 050070,
Hebei, China
About Us

Focusing on pharmaceutical intermediates development,
becoming one of leading suppliers in China.


Jinzhou Donghui PharmaChem Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is an individual proprietorship corporation which located in Shijiazhuang City famed as “Pharmaceutical Capital of China”. With high-strong technology and professional logistic team, this company can guarantee to provide high-quality products and on-time services. 80% of their production is exported to their main markets, such as Europe, USA, Japan, Canada and India.
With an experienced, creative expert term and a close cooperation and technical support from domestic famous universities and research institutes, the factory successfully developed products of Pyridine Series, Bromide Derivatives, Nicotinic Acid Series, Borate Derivatives, Sulfonamides and so on. Under partner facotries cooperation, this company also trade some of Raw Pharmaceutical Material and Natural Ingredients at a good price.
Running true to form, they will serve all customers both at home and over seas with quality products, competitive price and brilliant reputation to mutual benefit.

Nitrile Series
Nicotinic Acid Series
Levulinic Acid ( CAS: 123-76-2 )
m-Bromoanisole ( CAS: 2398-37-0 )
4-tert-Amylphenol ( CAS: 80-46-6 )
DMSA ( CAS: 304-55-2 )
DMPS ( CAS: 4076-02-2 )

2-Chloroethanesulfonyl Chloride
( CAS: 1622-32-8 )

6-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoic Acid
( CAS: 16712-64-4 )
Methyl 3-chlorosulfonylthiophene-2-carboxylate ( CAS: 59337-92-7 )
L-Glutathione Reduced
( CAS: 70-18-8 )
Artemisinin ( CAS: 63968-64-9 )
(E)-4-Hexen-1-ol ( CAS: 928-92-7 )
3-Nitrobenzenesulfonyl Chloride
( CAS: 121-51-7 )
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